El Cardoso Racing se despide del ESBK con victoria en casa
31 October 2021
Tras certificar el título de campeón de España, Borja Gómez ha vencido la última carrera de la temporada...
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El Cardoso Racing se proclama campeón de España de Supersport
30 October 2021
Borja Gómez ha certificado el título de campeón en la primera carrera del fin de semana con un segundo...
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Cardoso Racing to play for the Supersport championship on home soil
28 October 2021
Borja Gómez es líder con 216 puntos y aventaja al segundo clasificado por 31, por lo que podría proclamarse...
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Cardoso Racing moves closer to Supersport title with another podium finish
24 October 2021
Borja Gómez has once again finished second in Valencia and continues to increase his lead in the championship ...
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Borja Gómez scores his seventh podium of the year with Cardoso Racing
24 October 2021
The Spanish rider finished second in the first race of the weekend at the Circuit de Catalunya...
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Cardoso Racing arrives in Valencia in the fight for the Supersport and Superbike titles.
21 October 2021
The Ricardo Tormo Circuit is hosting the penultimate round of the Spanish Superbike Championship, a competition...
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Cardoso Racing continues to close in on Supersport title with Borja Gómez
29 August 2021
The Andalusian team leaves Navarre as the leader of the Spanish Supersport Championship and adds two important...
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Cardoso Racing wins in Supersport and takes another podium in Superbike
28 August 2021
The Andalusian team holds the lead in the Spanish Supersport Championship with Borja Gómez
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Cardoso Racing, ready to repeat its winning streak in Navarre
26 August 2021
The fifth round of the ESBK takes place in Navarra, a track where the Andalusian team has already ridden this year....
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Cardoso Racing overcomes adversity in ESBK
18 July 2021
Carmelo Morales missed out on the podium again in the second race and Borja Gómez kept the podium...
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Carmelo Morales continues to close in on ESBK lead
17 July 2021
Cardoso Racing had a good performance in SBK with fourth place for Carmelo Morales. In Supersport,...
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Cardoso Racing remains in the fight for ESBK titles
15 July 2021
Borja Gómez heads into the Barcelona races as leader of the Supersport class and Carmelo Morales...
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Cardoso Racing holds the lead in the Supersport class
20 June 2021
The team led by José Luis Cardoso leaves Aragón with Borja Gómez in the lead in Supersport....
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Third consecutive win for Cardoso Racing with Carmelo Morales in ESBK
19 June 2021
The Catalan rider continues to close in on the lead and was first with a 22-second advantage in the first...
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Cardoso Racing, ready to continue adding success and victories in Aragon
17 June 2021
The Andalusian team leads the Supersport classification and arrives in top form in the Superbike category....
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Cardoso Racing makes a full house and wins all the races held in Navarra
16 May 2021
Carmelo Morales was first in both Superbike races of the weekend and Borja Gonzalez was second in both...
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Double victory for Cardoso Racing in the first races of Navarra
15 May 2021
Carmelo Morales has won in his return to competition and Borja Gómez maintains the lead in the championship....
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Cardoso Racing will fight to keep the lead in Navarra
13 May 2021
The Andalusian team is leading the Supersport class with Borja Gómez. In addition, Philip Řeháček...
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Cardoso Racing gets on the podium in the first race of the year
10 April 2021
Borja Gómez has climbed from thirteenth to third place with a great pace. On the other hand,...
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ESBK starts for Cardoso Racing at Jerez
09 April 2021
The Spanish Superbike Championship kicks off this weekend at the home circuit for the team...
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